Tala Ranch in Durban, South Africa

Tala Game Reserve is very accessible for residents from both Durban and Pietermaritzburg (being approximately 30 mins from both). Tala offers a wonderful array of animals and guests are sure to see a lot of game while visiting. I would recommend a day trip to this reserve.
The game reserve has Rhinos and Giraffe among the big five.Hippo, different species of buck and birds, zebra, wildebeest and bush pig. Although there are giraffe, we didn’t spot any. It was a very pleasant detour, one and a half hours well spent.
We were impressed with the lovely braai areas around the pool, the shop there as well as the hides. The gate staff were very welcoming and friendly.

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    South Africa is a popular attraction for two things… Safari and the lovely “braai”!

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