Memoirs of our road trip to Marvelous Mysuru (Mysore)

How to travel from Bangalore to Mysore on road by motorcycle or car?

Whenever my husband could find some time off during the weekends, it was a time of outing, sight-seeing, and exploration. During one such weekend, my husband woke us up and surprised us. He said that we along with our two-year-old son were going on a road trip, on our motorcycle to Mysore. Eagerness to get away from the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka with the goal of visiting Mysore drove a new anxiety in me. We wanted to visit Mysore and the surrounding places, such as the palace, Zoological Park, KRS Dam, and the beautiful Botanical garden.

With loads of energy, my husband quickly packed our backpack. And I packed up some food for our son, and before the city could arise, we headed out to the roads!

Route map of Bangalore to Mysore
Route map from Bengaluru (Bangalore) to Mysuru (Mysore)

Allan posing with a pillar of tender coconuts

The Route

The estimated travel time was four hours' ride or around 160 kilometers from our house to the beautiful city Mysuru (Mysore), situated in the Southwest of the state of Karnataka, India. It was the time when the quadrilateral highway had begun its construction. And the ride from our house to Mysuru was very pleasant, except for a few bumps and road diversions on the way.

We stopped at Ramanagara, Karnataka, near a restaurant to have our breakfast. Smacking his lips between each feed, our son made friends with other similar aged children, unaware that he was overeating!

Allan's travel friend

As the watch ticked, we were moving steadily toward our rendezvous! Before noon, we could see the city on the horizon. And I felt the increase in power to the motorcycle’s engine! The sides of the roads were lined with jackfruit trees and the canopy of leaves made our journey even cooler. We quickly found a hotel and checked into it. After a lavish meal at the restaurant, we had a nap and then headed out to explore the city.

Enroute, we took a quick hop at the bridge built across the Arkavathi River near Ramanagara, Karnataka. It was fun, playing with our son, without the sun, on the cool sand. After half an hour of play time, we were back on the roads heading toward Mysuru.

Here is a little history of Mysore Palace

Krishnaraja Wadiyar memorial at the center of the townThe Wadiyar Dynasty built the Mysore Palace in the year 1912. It is amongst the biggest palaces in the country. Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV orchestrated the construction of the Mysore Palace. Even today, Mysuru is home to a variety of flora, both within the city and in the surrounding area too.

Entrance to Mysore Palace

Many brave and intellectual kings had Mysore Palace as their home. It has a colossal structure adorned with electrified lightings. At dusk, when the warm sun went down to sleep, the palace lit up the night sky making it even more magnificent! What a breath-taking view of the palace when all the lights were fully lit in the night! This reminds people of the nature-friendly kings who lived in these palaces, justifying their long lifespan.

Mysore palace before being lit

Spending time with children and families in the cool evening is a beauty of its own. And carelessly munching the food items (Indian chaat, Maddur Vada and tender coconut) from the local vendors is an awe-inspiring moment! It seemed that the food took ages to get into our mouths. Because we were mesmerized with the beauty, brilliance, splendor, and grandeur of this majestic palace. Our son was busy making new friends and playing with the bubbles generator. We shot many pictures using our Panasonic digital camera to carry home our memories of the beautiful palace!

Mysore palace after being lit

As the night became chill, we headed out to our hotel and had a relaxed and restful night’s sleep!

Day Two

On day two of our outing, after a quick breakfast, we headed out to the Zoological Park.

We were met with a long queue of people waiting outside the Zoo, keen on getting their entry tickets. While my husband purchased the tickets, I took a stroll around with our son. I showed him the statue of animals that were placed at the entrance and the pictures that were hung on the zoo’s compound walls. Our son was quick to recognize the animals and say their names, which he had learned from his animal books.

Once we were inside the park, we saw many wild animals. Some of the fauna that I remember seeing are the elephant, lion, giraffe, leopard, bear, bison, and a variety of snakes, including python. There were a wide variety of birds, attracting our attention by their sweet sounds and wavy gestures.

Coming out of the zoo, we realized that it was well past noon. And the time we had planned to spend in Mysuru was getting depleted very quickly. So, we decided to head back to the hotel, and try to check out early. We wanted to have our lunch before check out and reach home while we still had the daylight. Our journey back home was mostly quiet and eventually reached the warm comfort of our home later in the evening.

Even though we were tired, we really needed this break. To sum up, our trip was worth the time, distance and risk. The adventure during our trip is still fresh and I keep sharing with my acquaintances.

The rich memory of Mysuru lingers on fresh in my mind, even after over a decade of years have passed by.

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