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Go literally, anywhere to anywhere! Your HOLIDAY SIMPLIFIED. Wish to pack your bag once again? Trips And Tents has simplified your travel needs through our API network. Our AI technology helps to choose the cheapest and fastest routes from over 600 official partners. Go literally, anywhere!

Euro Rail:

Enjoy traveling by train, bus, and flight across Europe and stay in the luxurious hotel at the competitive price, Every time, anywhere Because your trip doesn't end with a ticket, we’re here for you all the way.
Trips And Tents offers Train Tickets in Italy,  Barcelona – Madrid, and return, Popular Train Routes, London – Paris, Bus & Coach Tickets, Popular Bus Routes, Madrid – Barcelona, Barcelona – Madrid, and Flights to Travel everywhere, That means you can go literally anywhere in the world using Trips And Tents

Buses, Trains & Flights to Travel from

  • Barcelona to Madrid,
  • Amsterdam to London,
  • Barcelona to Paris,
  • Amsterdam to Paris,
  • Brussels to Amsterdam,
  • Florence to Rome,
  • London to Amsterdam,
  • Paris to Amsterdam,
  • Rome to Naples,
  • London to Brussels,
  • Prague to Budapest,
  • Milan to Florence,
  • Rome to Florence,
  • Paris to Milan,
  • Venice to Rome,
  • Paris to Rome,
  • Amsterdam to Berlin,
  • Madrid to Barcelona,
  • Amsterdam to Brussels,
  • Rome to Venice,
  • Paris to Nice,
  • Paris to London,
  • London to Edinburgh,
  • Milan to Venice,
  • London to Paris,
  • Paris to Barcelona,
  • Florence to Venice,
  • Milan to Rome,
  • Berlin to Prague,
  • Munich to Prague.

That means you can go literally anywhere. So you shall book all your journey needs throughout the world, through Trips And Tents

Explore euro rail: A safe journey for ladies

Panoramic view of Europe may be enjoyed while traveling by train. So it is the best way to see the wonders of Europe. With Rail Europe, you can see 28 countries and 15,000 cities and towns in Europe with the widest selection of train tickets and rail passes.

Popular train routes shall be booked through Trips And Tents

  • Alicante
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Bruges
  • Brussels
  • Budapest
  • Cologne
  • Copenhagen
  • Florence
  • Geneva
  • Hamburg
  • Inverness
  • Lyon
  • Madrid
  • Marseille
  • Munich
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Plymouth
  • Prague
  • Rome
  • Rotterdam
  • Seville
  • Stockholm
  • Tirano
  • Vienna
  • Vienna
  • Zurich

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Its Christmas and Europe is specially decorated for Christmas. Arrange your booking through us and go literally anywhere. Book your tickets now to avail the special discount offers applicable only up to 30th Nov 2018.

Christmas in Europe:

Christmas time is coming!

Red lights are already decorating trees, snow is expected everywhere in many of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Every European destination is dressed with its finest decorations. Christmas balls and Christmas lights illuminate the romantic Christmas markets of Europe. During your Christmas holidays in Europe, you will discover the best Christmas markets. You will have memories for a lifetime and bring back home the best traditional Christmas presents.


Rathaus and Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

Russian Rail Service:

Russia rail service is operating since 2003 and https://tripsandtents.com, allows you to book Russian railway tickets for traveling around Russia and CIS countries. That's why we say go literally anywhere.
Using Trips And Tents, you can not only book train tickets but also find all the information about your train: route, annual schedule, and standing time at each station. Go literally anywhere.

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Background of SAPSAN Rail:

During December 2009, Russian Railways brought into service the Sapsan (Russian for Peregrine Falcon). Named after the mythical bird, this high-speed Russian train achieves a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour).
Today this is arguably the most convenient way to commute between

  • St. Petersburg
  • Moscow
  • Vladimir

The convenience of the Sapsan train service already rivals traveling by air. The short flight time of one hour between the Pulkovo Airport outside St. Petersburg and any of the seven airports that service Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Myachkovo, Ostafyevo, Bykovo, and Ramenskoye) certainly lures travelers at first.

Although rail service currently takes four hours, it is quite common that passengers spend three or more hours in traffic getting to and from the city-centers to the airports. With the Sapsan, passengers in St. Petersburg only need to catch the train at the centrally located Moskovsky Station in the morning, and by noon, they are at Leningradskaya Station in the heart of Moscow. Tickets for "Sapsan" and other Russian branded trains can also be booked through our system.


IRCTC booking to avail Indian Railway reservation service shall be availed through Trips And Tents. You may want to visit Shimla, Ooty, Kodaikanal during winter to enjoy the crisp air. Go literally, anywhere by forwarding your requirement by email: mail@crosskonnection.com or by filling the form here. We shall do all the needful and send the ticket to your mail id or phone.


Popular bus routes to the following cities may be booked from Trips And Tents.

  • Alicante
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Bilbao
  • Bratislava
  • Brussels
  • Budapest
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
  • Edinburgh
  • Eindhoven
  • Faro
  • Florence
  • Geneva
  • Granada
  • Krakow
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Luxembourg
  • Lyon
  • Madrid
  • Malaga
  • Munich
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Rome
  • Salamanca
  • Toledo
  • Valencia
  • Venice

Go literally anywhere. That means for example if you visit Spain, the city that truly evokes the essence of Spain is called Granada is a must to visit the place. A crossroads of civilizations since time immemorial and in an unparalleled location, Granada is a vibrant, friendly and lively metropolis that is full of culture.

Places to visit in Granada:


It is hardly surprising that UNESCO declared the Albaicín World Cultural Heritage in 1994 because the charm of the neighborhood's lovely narrow streets and traditional houses is unrivaled. They have also preserved a popular, hospitable atmosphere for hundreds of years.

The best way to explore the Albaicín is to start your tour in the House of Zafra Visitor's Centre and then just wander through the neighborhood. In the Albaicín (also spelled Albayzin or Albaycín) you can breathe in the essence of a neighborhood that evokes the architecture of the Arabs and also of other ancient Mediterranean cities.

Much of its charm resides in the cármenes (traditional houses with interior orchards and gardens) and the steep hills that lead to stunning miradors (viewpoints), such as the strongMirador of San Nicolás.

Genil and Ronda

This pleasant area is only a few minutes from the city center and boasts one of the broadest ranges of cultural and scientific attractions in Europe. Banks of the river Genil are an invitation to stroll under the leafy trees and wander through the street markets lining the boulevards. The Science Park Museum, one of the most important science museums in Spain, and the Caja Granada Museum, an interactive space dedicated to the history of Andalusia, are outstanding.

The highlights in the Ronda neighborhood are the Garcia Lorca park, together with Huerta San Vicente, the house museum of Federico García Lorca, the great poet and dramaturgist.

Catholic Monarchs:

The monumentality of the Catholic Monarchs' favorite city is felt in impressive monuments like the Cathedral, a symbol of Granada's Christianity and an excellent place to start a stroll through the heart of the city. The Royal Chapel, the Monarch's mausoleum, is nearby, and, a little further on, the Monastery of San Jerónimo, an outstanding jewel of the Renaissance.

Center of Granada

The center of Granada is a lively area with streets full of shops and many tapas bars. The main features are the Alcaicería, an old silk market, and Plaza Bib-Rambla, where flower kiosks fill the air with fresh bright colors year round.


Realejo is the old Jewish neighborhood of Granada, or Garnata al-Yahud (Granada of the Jews), as it was called in the Arab period. It is right at the foot of the Alhambra, and the Sephardic legacy can be readily appreciated in the streets and hidden corners. A statue of the Jewish scholar Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon presides the entry to the neighborhood from Calle Pavaneras.

Nowadays, it is an extremely pleasant and tranquil neighborhood that invites visitors to take a walk and discover its secrets.  Refer to Walk Tours. The Corrala de Santiago, a traditional 16th-century courtyard house, and the Placeta de la Puerta del Sol, a lovely viewpoint with an old public washing place can be walked to explore.

Take a break and try some of Granada's local dishes from the sidewalk restaurants in Campo del Prínicpe, a large, very popular square in the center of the neighborhood with a casual atmosphere.


Sacromonte is Granada's most distinctive neighborhood, known worldwide for its houses in caves and stunning views. It is also considered to be the cradle of flamenco.

The flamenco roots and festive traditions are present in the performances given daily in the Zambras (caves used for flamenco shows) and spontaneous impulses to sing or play the guitar that can arise at any time in the local bars and sidewalk cafés. Sacromonte is characteristically picturesque, with hillsides covered in prickly pears and little white houses that glow deep red at sunset. Every corner is an invitation to wander through the streets and discover this enchanting neighborhood.

Use our cabs to go literally anywhere.


The Alhambra:

The Alhambra, the flagship of the city's vast historical heritage, stands on a hilltop overlooking a city that attracts around three million visitors every year because this is the world's most spectacular Arab citadel and the symbol of Granada.

It comprises of several areas worth to visit:

  • the Alcazaba, a citadel with a watchtower
  • the Palace of Charles V, a Christian building that houses the Fine Arts Museum

  • the Generalife, a leisure residence and gardens
  • the Nasrid Palaces, the heart of the Alhambra and home of the sultans

Nasrid Palaces

Visits to museums, concerts shall be booked at Trips And Tents.

No need to stand in a queue

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Other monuments and attractions on the hill and forest of the Alhambra are also worth a visit:

  • the Carmen De-Los-Mártires, one of the most romantic gardens in Granada;
  • and the Rodriguez-Acosta Foundation declared a national monument for its architecture and gardens.

You will find information on the various areas of the Alhambra and other nearby monuments in this section.


For all the above places to visit, we shall organize a city tour customized to your requirement with professional guides at a competitive rate. Book for your customized city tour visits all over the world by clicking below.


After wandering all over if you wish to stay there are competitive accommodations available. Check here for accommodation. For accommodations, you don't have to go searching everywhere.

Nightly travel empowers travelers to combine two hotels in a single trip in order to save money, enjoy upgrades, and experience more. By switching hotels once during their trip, travelers can save as much as 70% vs staying in a single hotel while experiencing more of the cities they visit, getting more from their travels.

Stay at GRANADA:

After visiting monuments in Alhambra and surrounding area from Granada, the next day you can reach Barcelona, by cruise, yacht, rail/ bus or by flight.
The average journey time between Granada and Barcelona is 8 hours and 21 minutes and the fastest journey time is 7 hours and 37 minutes by bus or train. On an average weekday, there are 3 trains per day traveling from Granada to Barcelona. Cheap flights/rail operate from Granada to Barcelona (BCN) cost varies between 50 to 200 Euro and this is what it means go literally anywhere. If you travel in the night you will surely miss the picturesque spots at Europe


From Barcelona to Capri:

From Barcelona, if you want to visit Capri in Italy, there are 6 ways to get from Barcelona to Capri, Italy by plane, bus, train, car ferry, taxi or car. All bookings shall be done through Trips And Tents using few clicks. In Italy, Capri is an important island to visit.

The cheapest way to get from Barcelona to Capri is to fly and ferry costing between € 65 - € 225 and takes 6 h 27 min. No visit to Capri, Italy is complete without a tour around the island by sea, skirting the dramatically craggy coastline and taking in the shimmering caves and hidden coves. Go literally, anywhere!

Drop an email to mail@crosskonnection.com to book your guided tour to Capri and enjoy the colors of natural rocks and water. Trips And Tents organizes guided group tours or private boat with professional guides.

The beauty of Capri:

An incomparably easy way to book and organize boutique cruises is offered by Trips and Tents.

It is an international, unique, and dedicated boutique-cruises-site that includes:

  • full vessels and private cabins charters in small and medium-sized vessels,
  • in a wide range of destinations, accompanied by a professional crew and from a big range of prices.

Our big database gives customers the ability to find and order from large vessels types (traditional boats, yachts, sailboats and more) and sizes online.

We offer you a unique product – an online booking platform for boutique cruises, a new sector in the travel industry.

Car Rental:

Trips And Tents is glad to inform that our MOU with world's largest service provider for car passengers with 45 million users in 22 countries. The number of users in Poland has already exceeded 5 million and continues to grow rapidly.

Car Rental is available throughout the world and especially at London, Lisbon, Berlin, Dublin, Malaga, Barcelona, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Mallorca, and Munich.

Our tie-up with Europe’s largest rental network, and a leader in worldwide car rental services and helped over 10 million travelers find the best options when traveling abroad. Go literally, anywhere!

Through our long-term relationships with top suppliers like

  • Avis
  • Buchbinder
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Peugeot

We offer travelers the best rates from 20,000 pickup locations in over 180 countries worldwide.

Our car rental Advantage:

  • Compare rental companies for the best rates
  • Free cancellation up to 48 Hours before pickup
  • Best rate guarantee
  • 24/7 service hotline from pick up

The car rental service is a convenient and easy car rental service even to book cabs to visit faraway resorts. Here you can easily compare dozens of car options from local distributors and find the most convenient, budget or most interesting one for you. Book a car with the exact characteristics, up to the body color and type of radio.

Do it right now - and you will not have to worry about the fact that the car does not fit, or that the price will change. Save time and money with Trips And Tents.

Advantages of Trips And Tents


Booking with us, you not only secure a class of car but a specific car.

  • Exactly the one you have chosen in the tape, with exact technical characteristics
  • Even the type of radio will be exactly the one you choose
  • No unpleasant surprises when receiving


You get the car at exactly the price that you see on the site before booking. No hidden fees and "sudden price increases.

We have done for you the full details of pricing:

  • You clearly understand what makes up the cost of your order
  • See the price of all insurance and additional options
  • No need to look for information - it is right in front of your eyes: simple, of course, in large print


In order for the selected car to be booked for you, it is enough to make an advance payment of 15 - 20% of the total order value. The rest of the amount you pay on the spot, upon receipt of the car. In the case of any lining, we are guaranteed to return the money.


We do not have the “conveyor service” allowed in the international box office but offer a personal approach to each client, in which the owner of the rental company himself often serves you. From the moment of choosing a car to the delivery of cars, We are with you for you to go literally anywhere.

Long Distance Cab booking:

At the price cheaper than public transport:

Cab drivers publish long-distance trips to bring passengers along. Passengers pay part of the cost of fuel, allowing the driver to save on the trip. Passengers pay only gasoline, so they spend several times less on trips than on a train.

1. Find a ride

The passenger will have to enter their departure and arrival points and travel date, then choose a car owner going on your way. If you have a question, you can ask the car owner before booking. Check out the car owners' trusted profiles, including ratings left for them by other members.

2. Book online

Book your seat online. You’ll get the car owner's phone number to arrange the final details. You can also contact the car owner via private message once you've booked your seat.

3. Travel together

Bring exact change to pay the car owner the agreed contribution during the ride.

Ladies only

Women can now travel with female members only! There is a facility created for Ladies Only to allow members to plan a shared ride where the car owner and all co-travelers are women. It’s a great way for women to feel even safer, and we’ve found that it’s especially appreciated.

Government ID verification feature is available in the portal, so if you see a blue tick beside the driver photo, you’ll know they’ve uploaded and verified their Govt ID. Such cabs shall be more reliable.

Finding a ride

If you’re a female co-traveler looking for a ride and you’d prefer to travel by a female car owner, just log in and look for rides on the route you want to travel. You can then select the “Ladies Only” filter (only visible for members who are logged in). You’ll then see all the Ladies Only rides offered by female car owners.

Offering a ride

If you’re a female car owner with empty seats, you can offer a ride for female members only – your ride will then only be available to women. You can see on the ride offer if a ride is Ladies Only. Go literally anywhere.


Tickets, Tours, and Activities:

World´s most exciting tickets, tours, and activities, anywhere in the world!
We help you to get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions bookable on multiple devices.
More than just "things to do", our range includes temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities.

Use Trips And Tents to book your local tours and get ready to hack your travel destination.

From Rome to Bangkok, our offer includes a variety of different types of products, such as:

  • Skip-the-line tickets to attractions for the sports, concerts, and theater tickets you want
  • CONCERTS: Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and more!
  • THEATER SHOWS: Wicked, Jersey Boys, Lion King, Cirque du Soleil, and more!
  • SPORTING EVENTS: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Boxing, and more!

Multi-attraction passes save travelers 55% off combined admission prices at top attractions, tours, museums, and more in select cities. Flexible purchase options make sightseeing easy and affordable for every type of traveler.

We have the tie-up with the biggest online ticketing platforms in the world. We offer directly bookable, instantly available and completely mobile tickets for museums, shows, and attractions all over the world. Including cities like Dubai, Rome, New York and many more.

Our mission is to bring more people to culture. It brings travelers and venues together to create fantastic experiences.

With an amazing offering of attraction and museum tickets, from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, that stretches across the globe (and still growing) there is something to do for every traveler.

Claim your compensation for flight delay or cancellation:

We help you to get up to EUR 600 compensation for disrupted flight (delay, cancellation or overbooking) under EU and Turkish legislation.

It takes less than 2 min to check flight, calculate potential compensation and submit the application. We take care of all the paperwork. We will prepare all the necessary documents, submit the claim with the airline and take care of all the further communication with the airline to settle a case. We will charge a success fee of 25% only if the client gets paid by the airline. No up-front payments are required.


Couple on the bike to explore:

Bikes can be booked through Trips And Tents, for motorcycles, scooters, quads, and bicycles all over the world. We compare prices of 950 rental companies from more than 40 countries. 50,000 vehicles are available for booking in 2000+ locations around the world. Go literally anywhere.

Why Bikes?

  • We provide an alternative to car rental
  • We are the key players in the online booking market for moto and bicycle transport
  • Unique base of rental transport (mountain and road bikes, scooters, Vespa mopeds, road, and off-road motorcycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Royal Enfield bullets, quads, and buggies)

Car rental websites can’t offer this


South East Asia Travel:

Our tie-up with largest online travel agencies in Southeast Asia and Oceania helps you for online booking of ground and water transport services, all on one platform. Tickets are sold for more than 3000 stations in 15 countries and hence you can go literally anywhere:

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Macao and
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

We have already helped more than 1,000,000 travelers from around the world to get from point A to point B, trouble-free and with a high-quality service guarantee. Go literally anywhere.

Excursions by Trips And Tents

Over the years, it has received more than 60,000 customer reviews about the service.

Today, in order to buy a ticket for an excursion, it is not necessary to go to the office, pay for the services of a travel agency, or wait until you arrive at the place because you can order a tour online. If you have little time, choose a sightseeing tour by bus - the tour will give you the most important knowledge about the city.

If time is a little more, pick up walking walks according to personal interests. Go literally anywhere.

Walk Tours:

In 2018, the theme of walking tours became much more diverse. The list of the best includes: walks through the courtyards and unknown alleys, extreme and gastronomic tours, quests in the cities of

  • Russia
  • Europe
  • Asia

We offer more than 5000 tours in more than 100 cities:

  • Prague,
  • Paris,
  • Barcelona,
  • Rome,
  • London,
  • Moscow,
  • Kiev,
  • Pattaya,
  • Phuket, and
  • many others.

The cost of walking with a guide depends on three factors:

  • the city in which it is held
  • number of participants in the group
  • personal opinion of the author about the cost of their services

We are building a professional guide community: we personally interview each and every guide and check every tour.

Trips and tents  care about travelers:

We have a support desk and recommendation system integrated into our website.

You can find the most unusual tourist trails, the most interesting people - both professionals and city’s lovers - and the most unexpected topics on our website. On average, for a group of three or four people, a sightseeing tour of Moscow costs from 800 to 1600 rubles.

Prices in St. Petersburg are still lower - from 600 to 1,200 rubles. We advise you to prepare for the trip in advance. Buying tours online is not nearly as difficult as airline tickets.

Airport transfers:

Airport transfers are an international service for booking transfers. Go literally anywhere.

We provide individual transfer service in all popular airports and cities all around the globe. The network is represented in 70 countries and 400 airports.

Book transfer to ski-resorts 300*250
Book transfer in Russia 300*250

Book transfer in Saint Petersburg 300*250