“Freedom Day” in the UK as the country removes all the COVID restrictions from July 19, 2021

“Freedom Day” in the UK as the country removes all the COVID restrictions from July 19, 2021

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After remaining in stringent lockdown for a long time, the United Kingdom has finally lifted all the COVID restrictions from Monday. The government has decided to reopen all the clubs, pubs, and restaurants in the country to their full capacity. British media is calling July 19, 2021, “Freedom Day”.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, who currently is isolating himself, has urged its residents to be extremely cautious. The PM in a video said, “Please, please, please, be cautious”.

The UK government said that two-thirds of the adult population is now fully vaccinated and the risk can be managed. That’s the reason they are risking reopening the economy to the fullest.

Important points:

1) All the restrictions on the number of people one can meet have been removed.

2) Face mask mandate has been removed too. Though the government recommends that people should wear face masks when in public.

3) Maintaining the ‘one meter plus’ social distance rule has been lifted off except for places like hospitals.

4) Nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants can reopen.

5) Limits have been removed from weddings and funerals, concerts, theatres, or any such event.

6) Communal worship is allowed.

7) From August 16, restrictions in schools will also end. Work from home has also ended.

8) Travellers from other countries are subject to COVID quarantine and testing.

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