IATA says that travelers are regaining the confidence to fly

IATA says that travellers are regaining confidence to fly

According to a survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 84% percent of the respondents believed that the COVID-19 is here to stay, but travelers need to find a way to lead a normal life and manage risks.

This survey carried out by the airlines’ trade body showed that 4700 passengers from 11 countries had at least once boarded an aircraft in the past eleven months. The coronavirus lockdowns began sometime around March last year.

The respondents to the survey belonged to India, the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, UAE, Canada, Chile, France, Canada, and Singapore. 500 passengers from India responded to the survey.

The IATA said in the survey that, “88% believe that when opening borders, the right balance must be struck between managing Covid-19 risks and getting the economy going again. 85% believe that governments should set Covid-19 targets (such as testing capacity or vaccine distribution) to re-open borders.”

According to the IATA, the survey now indicates that there is growing confidence in a return to air travel while being a sense of frustration with the travel restrictions. IATA said in a statement that while there are travel restrictions in place, travelers are getting more comfortable with trying to manage the risks of coronavirus.

It has been reported by the IATA that 72 percent of these people traveled to see family and friends as soon as they could; 81 percent believe that they will be able to travel once the vaccination is done; 84 percent people refuse to travel if there is quarantine by law in the destination country.

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