Tourism in MP gets a boost! Now enjoy night safaris in three national parks

Tourism in MP gets a boost! Now enjoy night safaris in three national parks

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Madhya Pradesh, which is known for its robust tourism industry, has now given another push to the sector! Starting Thursday, the state introduced night safaris in three of the national parks in Madhya Pradesh, so that wildlife enthusiasts can experience majestic animals in the quiet of the night.

Since safaris are usually conducted during the day – because in the daylight, tourists usually feel safer – tourists, especially enthusiasts, miss out on witnessing the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. With these night safaris, the state is hoping to address that issue in a controlled manner. Since the route of the safaris would be decided by the state, they would put neither the animals nor the tourists in harm’s way.

Tourists can book their night safaris on the Wildlife Safari Reservation portal which is operated by the forest department of the state.

The night safari can be experienced by tourists at the Bandhavgarh National Park between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm. The safari would be held in the buffer zone, where tourists could come across some spotted deer. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers population worldwide.

Meanwhile, at the Kanha National Park, the safaris would be available from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Home to the Barasingha, the night safari explorers could see these beautiful creatures roaming about at night. Kanha is known for having brought back Barasinghas from near extinction, and this park also has a considerable population of Royal Bengal Tigers. The park also has eagles, peacocks, and owls among its wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Pench National Park would host the night safaris in the buffer zone between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm, offering tourists a chance to see animals like Jackal, wild boar, or some beautiful nocturnal birds. Apart from tigers, this park also has a considerable population of leopards.

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