Lakshadweep aims to develop world-class cruise tourism

Lakshadweep aims to develop world-class cruise tourism

Lakshadweep has proposed cruise tourism in order to generate employment opportunities, and also bring foreign exchange to the Union Territory. The idea is to develop a cruise tourism model similar to that in the Maldives and Mauritius. Thus, in a few year’s time, we might have a world-class cruising facility on the island of Lakshadweep.

The Union Territory has informed the Ministry of Home Affairs in its proposal that it would like to dedicate a tourist ship to the islands. Lakshadweep Islands are a treat to the sore eye with azure waters and incredibly beautiful sandy beaches. They certainly have the potential to become a world-class cruise destination.

If cruise tourism does get developed, there is a possibility that the employment rate will also increase. Tourists will be able to get a multitude of great experiences. They can enjoy the different destinations in the Union Territory with the help of a cruise ship. The size may also vary so you can have large ships to small yachts at your disposal. It is certainly a luxurious travel experience and an exclusive way to enjoy the islands.

The tourism department is also planning to introduce an all-inclusive holiday package on a cruise ship for 48 hours. It will contain an itinerary that will be tailored to provide you with the best of experiences. Lakshadweep has already developed eco-friendly resorts in its islands for tourists. You can find them in Minicoy, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, and Bangaram islands.

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