₹5-crore tourism project chalked out for Kadamakkudy

₹5-crore tourism project chalked out for Kadamakkudy

Close on the heels of notifying Kadamakkudy as an official tourism destination, the Tourism Department has chalked out a project worth ₹5 crores for the idyllic network of islands, which is already a popular hub of cyclists and birdwatchers on account of the presence of migratory birds.

The project is proposed on an acre of land in the possession of the Kadamakkudy grama panchayat, for which a no-objection certificate will have to be secured from the Panchayat Department.

“Among other things, the project proposes to develop a water sports terminal and introduce houseboats. A walking trail is also planned to introduce visitors to the culture and livelihoods of the islanders, including fishing and agriculture. The narrow walkways cutting through the lush green fields will be fortified for the purpose,” said S. Vijayakumar, secretary of, District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC).

A floating restaurant and cycling and kayaking activities are also being planned as part of the project. A welcome center will be set up along the Container Terminal Road, probably next to the new bridge connecting Moolampilly to Pizhala island, which may serve as the entry point to Kadamakkudy.

“The idea is to bring visitors to the welcome center, give them an orientation about Kadamakkudy, and then take them on the walking trail,” said Mr. Vijayakumar.

The project will be implemented through the Kadamakkudy Aqua Agriculture Tourism Society (KAATS), which was formed about a year ago, with the representation of all stakeholders, including the panchayat, various government departments, and farming communities with the object of promoting farm and rural tourism.

“The society proposes to develop some 100 start-ups related to sustainable agriculture in due course and that coupled with the tourism project will help develop Kadamakkudy into a farm tourism hub,” said Mahesh Gopalakrishnan, project consultant, KAATS.

Meanwhile, the newly sworn-in Kadamakkudy panchayat committee is yet to formally take up the tourism project. “Though we are aware of the project proposed on our land, the committee has not discussed it yet,” said Mary Vincent, panchayat president.

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