Canada might ask returning travelers to quarantine in hotels

Canada might ask returning travelers to quarantine in hotels

New quarantine rules could be imposed in Canada, and according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, there could be a mandatory hotel quarantine for returning travelers.

The Canadian government is thinking of such new rules in light of the new strain of the virus that is known to be more contagious. With the help of mandatory hotel quarantine, the government is looking to stop it from spreading.

Prime Minister Trudeau further warned against non-essential travel, and said in a statement, “No one should be taking a vacation abroad right now. If you’ve still got one planned, cancel it. And don’t book a trip for spring break.”

The new strain has already got the government in the United Kingdom worried about its effects in the country, and most other countries across the world are being cautious. Some reports have suggested that it could be even deadlier than it was previously thought to be. Apart from the UK, the strain has also been found in South Africa and Brazil.

In Canada, the current rule is that travelers entering the country are required to go under quarantine for a period of 14 days. They are also required to show a COVID-19 negative test upon arrival, which must be a maximum of three days old.

The Candian government is hoping that these new rules of quarantine will discourage people from taking non-essential and thus stop the spread of the virus in the country.

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