Sikkim govt decides to open Ramam border check-post for entry of foreigners

Sikkim govt decides to open Ramam border checkpost for entry of foreigners

To boost rural, religious, and adventure tourism in Sikkim, the state government has decided to open the Ramam check-post for entry of foreign tourists from March 1, an official said.

The Ramam checkpost in West Sikkim district will issue Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and Protected Area Permits (PAP) to foreigners. At present RAP and PAP are issued to foreigners only at Melli and Rangpo, the official said.

Foreigners, mostly coming from Nepal will be able to enter Sikkim from Ramam check-post instead of first going down to Siliguri in West Bengal and then entering Sikkim, he said.

The state government on Wednesday issued a notification allowing foreign tourists to enter the state through the Ramam check-post in West Sikkim district.

The notification said: “The tourism department has indicated that a large number of foreign tourists have been requesting for entry through Ramam check-post. Therefore, with a view to boosting rural, religious and adventure tourism in West and South Sikkim districts the state government has decided to open Ramam checkpost for entry of foreign tourists with effect from 01/03/2021.”

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