New Year Restrictions for States in India

New Year 2021 Restrictions

New Year celebrations are just the kind of place where COVID-19 can spread easily. Now with the new strain of virus detected abroad, India is being cautious in the year-end celebrations. States in India have already issued warnings, and have appealed to citizens to be cautious this year-end. Celebrations and gatherings can very well increase the cases of the coronavirus. Here is the state by state guide to New Year’s covid restrictions.

Tamil Nadu

The state government of Tamil Nadu has banned the New Year celebrations. The government has issued to beaches, hotels, resorts, and clubs in the state, and it means that there will be no celebrations on December 31 and January 1 nights. There will be no gatherings at midnight even on the beach roads.


The state of Maharashtra has already a night curfew in place. The seven-hour night curfew applies to the whole state, across all cities. The government has imposed a curfew between 11 PM and 6 PM, which began on December 22 and will be lifted on January 5. This means that New Year celebrations are off for this year-end. Normal celebrations are not permitted under the present circumstances.


The state had earlier announced a night curfew, but that has been retracted. So currently Karnataka has imposed a ban on mass gatherings. There will be no mass gatherings without proper social distancing in pubs, and restaurants, or other places. The government has imposed a ban on mass gatherings from December 30 to January 2. The government has imposed a ban on Pubs, clubs, and restaurants to host parties.


Rajasthan, a popular tourist destination for year-end celebrations has also imposed a curfew. The curfew will be in place from December 31, 8 pm, to January 1, 6 am. The restrictions will be the same as they were during Diwali this year, and are applicable to all.

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