A trip to the Andamans

So 2020 hasn’t exactly been a year that we all expected! Are you stressed and look forward to a relaxing and refreshing vacation?

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach

If you’re someone who loves sunny skies, white sand beaches, clear blue waters and swaying palm trees? Then Andamans is just the place to visit as it’s the most scenic place in the country!

One can just sit on the beach and listen to the gentle waves of the turquoise sea kissing the white sand all day. The walks on these beaches are super refreshing with the crisp fresh breeze brushing against your skin, is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

You needn’t have second thoughts on visiting this island, however one thing that you have to be mindful of is the time of visit which would be usually between March to June else you’ll lose out on the adventure these islands offer.

 So talking about planning the trip, first off you don’t need a passport to travel here. You can reach the destination by air or the sea. We chose to fly as we feared falling seasick. We chose https://tours.tripsandtents.com/ to book our trip by taking the complimentary itinerary consultation from one of their friendly executives.

So we took off to the capital called Port Blair and stayed for three days to cover the sightseeing there. The executive of https://TripsAndTents.com booked an awesome Hotel for us from their tie-up, and we had wonderful hospitality extended by the Hotel staff

The first place we visited was the archaeological museum which explains the tribes and the culture of Andaman. Then the Cellular Jail which used to be one of the biggest jails in the country.

Cellular Jail

Today this place is a famous national monument. The main attraction of this place is its museum that exhibits the prison life and hardships faced by great Indian political prisoners and freedom fighters.

Cellular Jail

After which we hit the streets to try out some local dishes (mostly seafood) and of course shopping. You will find a lot of handmade stuff here for a reasonable price. And this was our day one went.

The next day we went to the Baratang Island in a ferry/jetty arranged by https://TripsAndTents.com, from the port it is about 45 minutes away from Port Blair.

This is a perfect place for an adventure and adrenaline junkies as the jetty takes you through the magnificent mangrove forests, covered with trees on either sides wow that’s a scene you wouldn’t wanna miss! Once you get off from your boat you will have to walk through the forest and if you’re a nature lover you will love this path that leads you to a very interesting cave that is formed by limestone.

There is also a live mud volcano in Baratang and it is quite interesting to watch as it bubbles out nothing but just mud. Many filled bottles of that mud to try it as a face pack…. Well I hope it turned out alright for them! If you’re as adventurous as them, do try and let us know.

Mud Volcano

Mud Volcano

After exploring the capital we set off to the most beautiful and serene place called Havelock Island. Oh I wish I could stay there forever! OOlallah!!, Waking up to fresh clean air, lovely people and some amazing food. We had the best time ever on this island.

We explored every bit of this island by ourselves, just rented a Scooter and off we went.

Next to reach the elephant beach you will need a ferry. This is where we happened to see for the first time ever the flora and fauna under water through snorkeling. One can just sit and relax here all day talking to friends.

Radhanagar Beach

Next is the Radhanagar beach which is another scenic beach, to watch the sun set from there is so amazing. The waves touching the white sand makes it sparkle by reflecting the sunlight and sure enough makes you feel like you’re walking on glitter

Scuba Diving

We had the most amazing water adventure here… Yes! You guessed it right! We went Scuba Diving! Courtesy:- https://TripsAndTents.com.

At this point I know few of you might be thinking oh, I can’t swim! But what if I tell you, You Can Still Scuba Dive! Yes! You heard that right! I’m someone who knows not how to swim, but guess what it seems like a person who cannot swim enjoys the dive better says my instructor.

Water proof sunscreen is a must before you dive in, because the salty water will marinate your exposed skin and then once you’re out the sun will have the pleasure of roasting it and will leave you unrecognizable! Talking about it with experience and it took months to get the tan off! People couldn’t recognize me or my friends from a distance when we returned home. Trust me when I say sunscreen is a mandate.

And then it came to last day of our trip, we had a few hours left before our flight, so off we went to visit the Ross Islands. As we choose the itinerary without inclusion of this place due to lesser number of days, due to the extreme care and hospitality extended by the team of Trips And Tents we extended our stay to visit Ross Islands. This was completely unplanned but worth it. It was the British headquarters, still has the remains of the churches and houses. Though they are ruins they are still mesmerizing and leaves on awe struck wonder.  However no one is allowed to stay there. You can take a ferry to reach these islands.

Well that’s all folks. That’s how we ended out trip, then off to the airport and back home.

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